Techniques to Avoid Stress When Driving

Techniques to Avoid Stress When Driving
Lisa Armstrong
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Techniques to Avoid Stress When Driving

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We’ve all encountered a dangerous driver who feels entitlement on the highway and exhibits careless, reckless, and even acts of road rage behind the wheel.

As professional drivers, we continue to make safe driving choices every day:


  • Buckling Up
  • Never Driving Impaired
  • Observing Posted and Safe Speed Limits
  • Avoiding Distractions (Turning off cell phones when driving, knowing the call or text will wait)
  • Maintaining Proper Following Distance
  • Getting Proper Rest and Following a Healthy Diet.


We know staying professional, practicing patience, and having integrity on the highway are key to avoiding stress and anxiety. We can create a winning combination of practices to keep our health in check.

It's important to keep cool on the road when encountering inexperienced or dangerous drivers. Remember to breathe. Once calm, use positive self-talk and think of 5 things you are thankful for in your life. Staying focused and alert at a safe distance is needed when the car ahead of you slams on its brakes at the last minute. Think calming thoughts, pull over, take a break, walk around the truck stop, write in your journal, draw, or doodle. Always be kind to yourself, you are an original and deserve happiness.

When the other driver believes he’s on a race track speeding past you on the highway, then cuts you off, this can take your breath away. Take 5 mindful breaths, gently focusing attention on the breath (Inhale, exhale one, Inhale, exhale, two, up to a count of 5. This will release muscle tension, relieve stress from your body, and help the heart balance. Tell yourself “I’m okay, I’m safe”. Adjust your driving position and listen to calming music.

Stay considerate of other drivers but don’t assume they will stop for that red light or stop sign, be prepared to react. Your goal is to make it home safely to your family and pets. Turn off the record player in your head and replace any negative thoughts with positive ones, stay committed to maintaining a healthy, balanced, positive life!

Choose to share the road with a positive outcome!

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